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pHealth 2015


12th International Conference on Wearable Micro and Nano Technologies for Personalized Health

pHealth 2015 - Local information


Västerås is Sweden’s sixth largest city, beautifully located by Lake Mälaren. It is one of the oldest cities in Sweden with a more than 1000 year long history. When you think about economic growth, world class technology and regional shopping you think about Västerås, the birth city of Asea1, H&M2 and ICA3. It’s a strategic meeting point with the Congress Center and a recently completed multi arena. Västerås is the home of world wide company ABB:s largest center for research and development, but also a dancing cultural city with a world famous underwater hotel.


Visitors reach Västerås easily – 53 minutes by train from Stockholm and about an hour with bus or car. Västerås also has its own international airport with connections to e.g., London.


The modern industrial evolution in Sweden started in Västerås when the whole country got its electricity supply from Asea (later ABB) in Västerås. During the 20th century ABB went world wide. In Västerås you also find other world leading companies such as Bombardier Transportation, Westinghouse Electric Sweden, Alstom Power Sweden, Luvata Sweden and Enics Sweden. Some useful links:


http://www.vasterasmalarstaden.se/artikel.asp?lang=2 - Information about Västerås

http://www.vasteras.se/ - The city of Vasteras

http://www.mdh.se/ - Mälardalen University



pHealth 2015 is organized at Aros Congress Center, Västerås. Aros Congress Center is centrally located in the city of Västerås. It is about 5 minute walk away from the central train/bus station and 5 - 10 minutes walk away from the nearest hotels.


11988 ABB – Asea Brown Boveri – 112000 employees in >100 countries

2Clothing – 68000 employees in 28 countries

3ICA is the largest chain of grocery stores in Sweden – 2300 associated stores and >11000 employees.



Mälardalen University, SE-721 23 Västerås, Sweden